My Career Goals

Careers can change, and I can change my mind about my career. Since I was 7 years old I always wanted to be a family and divorce lawyer. I wanted to be this and I always thought I would be great at it. Then I finally joined the Criminal Justice Academy at my high school, which quickly changed that goal of mine to become a lawyer. Sure, I’m good at arguing but maybe being a lawyer isn’t for me. So then for a few months I wanted to be a cop, that changes quickly as I realized I wasn’t quite tough enough to risk my life daily. I decided that maybe I need to get a job, so I did.

I did this not only to figure out what to do with my life but also, because it was time. I was looking for jobs and found one right when I turned 16. This wasn’t my first job, but it was my first payroll job. I got hired at Taco Bell, not that special I know. However, when I got this job I made a goal for myself to move up in the company while I was there. Everything came so natural to me and seemed super easy, I did everything better than some that have been there for years. I then got promoted to the Team Trainer and Leader. I started training and hiring all new employees, and being in charge of the customer service scores our store recieved. We were always in the lead, and I was proud. I realized that I made something out of this Taco Bell job. I’ve been there for a year now, and trust me I do want to get out of there.

This job was a great experience for me, because I was able to get experience in management. This made me realize I want to major in Business Management, and work my way up to a high position in a company for a career. I know now that I do not ever want to work in fast food again, but it made me stronger. Perhaps I may get a job at a bank, or insurance company, all I know is my career goals are set, and they may change but that’s okay!

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5 Reasons That Being a College Student Who Doesn’t Party, Is Actually Cool

There is a common epidemic among college students that has really always been there. You’d think that by now after all of the terrible things that happen as a result of partying, people wouldn’t continue to do it and think it’s cool. I’m going to tell you all five reasons why being a non-partier is actually cool as a college student. Hopefully you will come to your senses and realize after reading, the reality and importance of my point of view. Here are five reasons why it’s the coolest choice, to not party during college.


#1 The Partying Lifestyle Can Actually Be Dangerous

No matter how “cool” kids think it is to party, it’s seriously not. I’m going to show you why it’s actually cool to NOT party in college. You’d think it’s common sense that possibility’s of a DUI, being kicked out of school or possibly getting kicked out of your apartment complex in college would scare you enough to NOT party; some people just don’t truly know that it’s not cool.


(photograph of arrests at party)


#2 When You’re A Non-Partier, You Don’t Have to Worry About A Bad Hangover

You have class in the morning, maybe even a test, why would being hung-over during this cool? Exactly, it’s not cool. In fact it may just be dumb to do something that could be so detrimental to the grades you worked so hard for, just to get into that college.


(photograph of student hungover in class)

#3 You Don’t Run The Risk of Sleeping With Someone While Drunk, If You Don’t Party

We all hear stories about the girl who just got over a break up, and then goes and parties and hooks up with random guys. Drinking and getting high in an environment such as a party increases the likeliness of people having un-safe sex, and hooking up. See where I’m going with this? In what way does this sound cool? This is why my theory of being a non-partier being cool, is true.


(photo of girl who was taken advantage of while drunk)

#4 You Can Spend Your Extra Time, Studying!

When you’re out partying, are you likely to be studying? Absolutely not, you’re going to be drunk, having the good time you believe you’re having, and then be hung over the next day or probably sleeping. This is so much time completely wasted; you could even go as far as to be throwing away your future when after a week of partying you realize you now have a 2.0 GPA. If you were to use this time studying, it would be super cool because now you’re taking advantage of the awesome opportunity of college!

(students studying together)

#5 Being A Non-Partier is Super Cool Because You’ll Sleep More!

Who doesn’t love sleep? Everyone does! It’s already hard to get much sleep in college in general, let alone when you’re partying. Most parties are going on during the time that most people would usually be sleeping, so why not skip the wreck less, un-cool party, and hit the bed and sleep! I guarantee the option to not party is much cooler than all of the terrible things that may happen while partying.

(college student falling asleep while studying)


After reading this my hope is that I have changed someone’s views on this concept, or at least given you a better understanding as to why this is the cool choice! Don’t run the risks of getting in all of this trouble just for one night that people consider as fun. 

Choosing My Community

As I discussed in my previous blog on community, community certainly means more than just a place to live. However now I just want to tell you all about my experience searching for the community I want to live in. I have ten months until my moving day, and have already experienced visiting various communities in the city of Gainesville. Throughout my search for community, the main thing I have looked for was a sense of belonging. There were certain student housing places I walked into for a tour and knew right away I wasn’t going to ever live in that community. There have also been others where I walked in and wanted to sign a lease right away. For example, the first place I toured, was the Pavillion on 62nd. The leasing agent was so kind and welcoming, I wanted to sign right away. However, I have come to realize this wasn’t the perfect community for me. Then, I toured Cabana Beach and immediately realized that I love hanging out with friends that live there, but it’s not going to be my community, same views on the Crossings at Santa Fe. Looking for the perfectly ideal community on such a tight budget is not easy. But in the end, it’s all about feeling like home, feeling comfortable and happy in the place you live and with whom you’re living with. Those places just weren’t quite “the one.”

But then I went on this tour somewhere else, called Campus Club, I felt the community within the area soon as I pulled up. It felt just so me, and so much like a home to me. The people there were all super nice, the apartment looks beautiful. They had the best pool out of all the places I toured in my opinion, and I just wanted to move in immediately and be a part of the community. You know that feeling, when you want to just start cleaning a place that isn’t yours? That sounds crazy, but that’s how I felt about that place. I wanted to gather all of my things, get to decorating and cleaning, just because it felt like home, way more than my current “home” does. It’s such an amazing thing that Gainesville has all of these different communities for different types of people with different things they want for their community. It isn’t easy finding the perfect place to live, to be able to call your community. However once you find that place, it’s so exciting! Which is exactly how I am feeling right now.

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Community: Let’s Create One That’s Great

Community is something more than just simply the neighborhood we live in. Community is actually defined as a group of people who come together and share common attitudes, goals, etc., whom may live in the same area, or not. We can create an online community, or anywhere else we want. All it takes to build a community, is a group of people to join together. In fact, there are many people that are a part of a blogging community on places just like this website I am writing to you on currently. Community is a support system that one feels safe in. The city of Gainesville is also a place where people share community.

Think about the communities you’re a part of. Maybe it is Gainesville, maybe it’s he apartment complex you live in. Perhaps it’s the club you’re a part of, or the public forum you discuss issues on. These communities are all ways for us to feel safe, protected, and able. We can go to these communities for help, that’s what community is all about. For some people, the neighborhood they live in does not make them feel safe and protected. But maybe the blogging website they use makes them feel safe and free from the dangers of the neighborhood. What does this mean? This means we as individuals have the ability to go out and create community with one another and to make changes. Are you sick of feeling bored on the road you live in? Go talk to some neighbors and see if you don’t come up with some good ideas to create your neighborhood a community! Whether it be having events for people to attend and get together, or just talking to them. No matter what age you are, who you are, or what class you are, we can all make a difference. Communities can always be created so why don’t we all go out and make a change?

Family I Was Born In V.S. Family I Will Create

Basically, the way I grew up wasn’t the ideal situation. Nobody really grows up with a perfectly ideal family, however I realized so many things from where I came from. Growing up without a father and a drug addict mother was hard. I had to grow up very fast. I didn’t have a parent, or even an older sibling to tell me to go to school, or to even take me. No kind of parental guidance at all. This caused me to make many mistakes during my childhood, but also taught me what kind of family I wanted to create.

Family is supposed to be a backbone, a support system in one’s life. It’s not supposed to bring you down, be the most unstable part of your life, and simply not be there. My goal for the family I want to one day create will be with someone who I love, and who loves me. I will be the mother and wife that is always there for support, guidance, and love. The reason I have a goal like this is because these simply things, are things that I didn’t have, and that many people don’t have; that family needs. My family will do things together. We will have dinner together, something I haven’t done more often than twice a year with my own family. I will help my children with their homework rather than beating them down for getting a bad grade. Family is a huge support system, at least it’s supposed to be. I hope and dream of a family with me and my partner, and children we created together. This is what I want because it’t the opposite of what I have had.

Hook up culture is a major thing that happens today, which is also the reason I am here. Being an outcome of a one night stand has taught me one main thing, be smart and  have goals. Everyone dreams of that happy family, but your future family needs to be put in to perspective because while you’re getting drunk at party, and sleep with whoever you happen to set your eyes on that night, you can be setting yourself up to create a broken family. Broken family’s just happen sometimes, but personally I have decided I will do what it takes to have the tight knit family the majority of people want one day.

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Growing up for me wasn’t exactly all sunshine and rainbows, as for many others. Honestly, I don’t remember much of my childhood having no responsibilities or worried. I grew up with my mom, until I was thirteen. Life was always rough. There was always so much happening. We moved every couple months, because my mom could never make rent, not wanting to get a job. There was never any stability in my life. But she was family. I now live in Florida, with my dad. This seems kind of strange because I told you I lived with my mom until I was thirteen… I never even met my dad, but I moved in with him because he found out I got taken away from my mom. Growing up without a father figure was tough. Then to find out he was alive and well all along with a wife and three other children, he was in their lives but never attempted to talk to me. This made for a lot of confusion and heart aches. This is a common thing though, girls growing up without a dad. It’s not easy having to live with family, when they don’t feel like family. When those who you wish were super close to you just because they’re blood, you feel like they should care. But, then they don’t. It’s not easy to understand and it doesn’t make sense. But the main thing about my personal family experiences that influences me the most, is wanting nothing but the opposite for my family that I have one day. This is a beautiful thing to me because it has shown me how I want to build my own family. Family is a major thing, it can have a good or bad affect on your life. In the end, life is what you make it including you’re family. Many people have been in all the same situations as me, both worse than me and better. Every family is different, right? I’m writing about this in a blog because when I think of the word family, these are all of the things that first come to my mind.

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Life Entertained by Social Media

You may ask me what I spend most of my time doing; the answer is simply, social media. Similarly to that of many other college students and young people all together. The true meaning of entertainment is doing something to focus our minds on, otherwise to not be bored.  Entertainment is something we all urge to have in our lives. Social Media just so happens to be the norm for the thing most people go to to entertain themselves or others.

How might social media entertain someone like me? We use social media for all sorts of entertainment- whether this be music, photography, or just simply things that are aesthetically pleasing. I use social media basically to see how others are living there life, and to simply be more informed. Social Media is entertaining because it also commonly connects us with others who have similar interests as us, based on followers and such. Nowadays, I cannot think of anyone who doesn’t have at least one social media account. During this modern age, we watch youtube videos rather than being social individuals who go to concerts for entertainment, we now can use the internet to entertain us. Rather than going out with friends, we can just scroll through their social media accounts to keep up with their lives. We view social media as only a temporary form of entertainment. However, this is very far from being true. There are many people who now meet life time partners, and friends on social media. Whether is be from mutual friends, or from looking for some type of hook up on tinder. Social media is truly the source of entertainment in so many different aspects of our daily lives, including mine. I walk into class, and everyone is on their phones. Mostly everyone is on some form of social media account. This goes to show that I can relate to many other people my age- social media is how we are entertained for the majority of our days.

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