Community: Let’s Create One That’s Great

Community is something more than just simply the neighborhood we live in. Community is actually defined as a group of people who come together and share common attitudes, goals, etc., whom may live in the same area, or not. We can create an online community, or anywhere else we want. All it takes to build a community, is a group of people to join together. In fact, there are many people that are a part of a blogging community on places just like this website I am writing to you on currently. Community is a support system that one feels safe in. The city of Gainesville is also a place where people share community.

Think about the communities you’re a part of. Maybe it is Gainesville, maybe it’s he apartment complex you live in. Perhaps it’s the club you’re a part of, or the public forum you discuss issues on. These communities are all ways for us to feel safe, protected, and able. We can go to these communities for help, that’s what community is all about. For some people, the neighborhood they live in does not make them feel safe and protected. But maybe the blogging website they use makes them feel safe and free from the dangers of the neighborhood. What does this mean? This means we as individuals have the ability to go out and create community with one another and to make changes. Are you sick of feeling bored on the road you live in? Go talk to some neighbors and see if you don’t come up with some good ideas to create your neighborhood a community! Whether it be having events for people to attend and get together, or just talking to them. No matter what age you are, who you are, or what class you are, we can all make a difference. Communities can always be created so why don’t we all go out and make a change?

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